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Tips to Clean Your Avocado Plushie

Pillows are one of the best toys as well as a security blanket for your children. Avocado plushie encourages children to access the world with senses, such as the stimulation of vision, hearing, and touch, to help them react with a variety of senses to the body's reaction. To communicate with the outside world and become aware of all the news, avocado plushie is designed with a beautiful combination of bright colors, but this can lead to direct visual stimulation of children.  

The use of pillow is not only a matter of choice or it is not only a question of comfort but also an important requirement for safety. The best pillows for children provide the support that requires neck and head growth, and durability lasts even before the type of disorder that can affect single children, hypoallergenic materials of high quality, affordable cost and high availability.

Although avocado plushie brings you to smile, they also accumulate a lot of bacteria and dust that can cause health problems, especially for the children who cling to them and can bite the avocado plushie.  Be careful when washing, as the washing machine may be too hard and your toddlers may not be able to forgive you for ruining their pillow.

Methods to Clean your Avocado Plushie

You cannot deny the importance of cleaning the avocado plushie from time to time. There are some easy-to-use methods to clean your avocado plushie without damaging them. You can wash the avocado plushie using machine wash, hand wash or dry cleaning method. The best method depends on your choice and the method that is most feasible for you.  There are three main methods to clean your avocado plushie. Let’s have a look at these methods

Machine wash

Most of the plush pillows can safely spin in the washing machine, although there is always a possibility of damage. Avocado plushie can be washed easily. What you have to do is to follow some simple steps.

  • Place the avocado plushie in a laundry bag and wash it in the machine. Padding the washer drum with towels can add an extra layer of protection.
  • Use the mildest cycle available in your washing machine and wash the avocado plushie in cold water with mild detergent.
  • After washing, remove the pillow from the mesh bag and extend it to its original shape.
  • Hang it and let it dry. Do not put it in the dryer because the heat can melt the glue and the padded fur.

Hand wash

Your avocado plushie can only say wash by hand or wash it in a minute cycle. Your avocado plushie may be too fragile to be sensitive, so it is best to hand wash it to clean them completely without damaging them.

  • You can use a liquid dishwasher to gently disinfect and clean the outside.
  • You must remove all accessories and wash different clothes separately.

Dry Clean

Dry cleaning is also recommended but make sure to follow the washing instructions on the label. If the label indicates that it is safe, throw tennis balls with the pillow to help mop up and loosen any stacked padding. Use this method for any old, sensitive or disinfected avocado plushie that may be damaged during washing.

  • Get a bag big enough to hold the avocado plushie and put it inside. You can use any absorbent powder however, it is best to choose a powder that looks like an avocado plushie in case the powder is stuck and difficult to remove.
  • Sprinkle a large amount of powder in the bag.
  • Close the bag, and then shake it to distribute the powder evenly to the avocado plushie. Then leave the pillow in the bag for at least an hour and take out and shake off the dust.
  • You can use a bristle brush to remove the residual dust.

Tips for Cleaning Avocado Plushie

The importance of washing the pillows is easy to overlook.  Avocado plushie needs deep cleaning. The longer you wait before cleaning the pillows, the more dust, dirt, and bacteria will enter. This can aggravate allergies and create a comfortable home for mites. Follow these tips to clean almost all pillows.

Wash gently with a non-toxic liquid laundry

First, check the tag on the avocado plushie to see if there are some special care instructions. If your pillow is machine washable Wash gently with a non-toxic liquid laundry detergent and a cup or two of vinegar.  

Use a low-temperature setting or heat-free setting for the avocado plushie

Be sure to wash at least two to three pillows at a time, so you do not get hit too hard.

Run it through another wash cycle with water to make sure all the soap is removed.

If you have some, you can put wool drying balls with pillows to speed up the drying time and prevent the product from slugging. When you are ready, you can let the pillow dry in the sun and let it refresh deeply.

Follow the instructions carefully

You can wash most pillows in the washing machine. However, it is always recommended following the washing instructions on the label. Most pillows can be washed with warm water in a gentle cycle with a small amount of detergent. We recommend cleaning the stains before pre-treatment. Then throw the stamp into the machine. After the first cycle, run an additional rinse cycle to remove the remaining soap.

Dry the avocado plushie properly

If the avocado plushie is not suitable for the dryer, wrap it with a dry towel and give it a big hug to remove excess moisture. Then place the pillow in a sunny spot inside your house until it is dry.

You should wash your pillow once a week. It is important to wash the pillows every three to six months to prevent mites, bed bugs and anything else you do not want to keep close to your little ones. Make sure the barrier has a zipper and stays completely sealed, always.

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